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One The Square invites talented artisans to display their wares in the space. The emphasis is on objects of use and home-ware, although expect the unexpected.


Ann Hitchcox – Stoneware. Ann Hitchcox throws functional pots on the wheel using a variety of clays. Her bowls celebrate structure, texture and colour ; the smooth or the rough, in many earthy hues and to the extremes of almost black and nearly white. By high firing the clay loses its porosity and becomes like stone; both visually and in strength. In contrast to this a simple pool or band of bright coloured glaze is added. Some shiny, some matt, usually bright and always contrasting.

Chrissie Silver – Hand built porcelain, glazed and pressed with seasonal plants. Chrissy grows specific plants to harvest and roll into the clay which, when burnt out give an almost photographic impression of every perfect detail. Each piece is unique. The light that glows through the porcelain is warm and highlights the complexity of natures forms as if frozen in their trapped state within the porcelain.

Christina Serra Delmar – Beautiful hand painted ceramic tableware

Eunice Locher – Porcelain and paper clay: Eunice works with fine porcelain and paper clay and creates beautiful translucent pieces by pressing hand crafted vintage lace or old print blocks to create subtle and richly textured patterns. Her work has a freshness and an unmanufactured edge – a welcome breath of fresh air in a world of mass produced items. Eunice works from “The Clay Studio” in Groombridge, where she also runs classes.

Karen Downing – Beautiful hand thrown porcelain, architectural and functional – each piece a joy to use and treasure. The purposeful use of one material, a single glaze and a restricted vocabulary of form provides both unity and diversity as the limited elements combine into a multitude of variations. Without surface decoration, deliberate manipulation of form or applied colour, the details of these pots are to be found in the movement of their rims, in the play between light and shadow, in the harmony of their proportions and in the reverberations of the compositions.

The Green Studio – The Green Studio is a small collective of amateur potters, taking their inspiration from the natural environment, the possibilities for creating vessel or sculptural forms are infinite. As individual ceramic artists, the group explores different textures, palettes and finishes, using a wide range of clays from earthenware to fine porcelain. Many of their pieces are Raku fired, using this traditional method combines intense heat with smoke and fire resulting in amazing glaze effects with no two objects ever being the same, this gives unexpected and wonderful uniqueness to every piece. Their distinct and personal styles blend together to give a harmonious natural feel to their work; the clean purity of soft white porcelain roses lies calmly next to the fiery strength and hues of raku tiles or bowls.


Lara Görlach Screen Printing and Design –  Lara works from her studio in Hackney, taking inspiration from her upbringing in East Sussex. She makes a beautiful range of textile homewares from cushions to table linens, tea towels to zip purses. The products are all hand screen-printed, designed and made in the UK, keeping the traditional craft alive, linking with local social enterprise organisations who give work to marginalised members of communities.

Molly Mahon Textile and Design – Whimsical designs carved by hand. Molly Mahon offers a new line of printed linen in fresh colours with designs that have been inspired by her love of England and her fascination of ethnic pattern. The designs are also applied to wallpaper, printed in the UK; stationery, made by hand and the linens are sold by the metre and made into lampshades and cushions. Her delightful use of design and colour combination allows the fabrics to work in a plethora of houses from an urban modernist house to a rural retreat. The combination of this ancient printing technique and the ability to reproduce it on a larger scale allows an artisan home-made looking piece at an affordable price.

Kirsten Hecktermann – Hand dyed textiles. Kirsten hand dyes gorgeous velvets in delicate hues which give a depth unseen in flat commercial dyes.


Melina Clark – Melina Clark studied fine diamond mounting, silversmithing and, jewellery design at Sir John Cass Faculty of Arts London. Winning 1st prize from the British Jewellers Association, gaining a certificate of Merit from the Worshipful company of goldsmiths, before winning the title of first female apprentice to serve with Garrad, The Crown Jeweller. Training along side some of the most talented craftsmen in London and helping with the remake of what’s said to be the Queen’ favourite Tiara an interchangeable Pearl & Emerald, Diamond Chain design.She then worked with the Award winning Designer Goldsmith Mr Roger Doyle, of the Royal Collage of Art, producing in contrast very modern and contempary pieces for clients such as Mikimoto, from whom she was given the commission of producing life size, golden orchids, to showcase newly developed patterned, and coloured golds.
Melina now designs and produces her own individual style of jewellery, producing new and original work that’s constantly evolving. She exhibits at, selected galleries as well as working to commission.

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